Minister Announcement – Polytechnic

Joint Constituency Message:

Many of you will have watched the virtual meeting this morning where Minister Nicolaides announced that the role of RDC in Alberta’s vibrant post-secondary system will be as a Polytechnic Institution.

RDC has long lobbied (over 25 years) to become a university and today’s announcement, while it is exciting to think about our new future, will no doubt come as a disappointment for those who invested time and effort, and maintained hope that RDC would become a university.

Today we have been given a new direction and can focus on the work of becoming a polytechnic institution while we continue to provide the outstanding learning environment for students we are known for.

Regardless of our name or our institution designation, faculty and staff will continue to go above and beyond to support learners and provide learning experiences that bring students to our halls and support them in their chosen programs and careers.

Once again, thank you for all you do to support learners and each other through these times of change.

Trina Carroll, CUPE
Terry Oakley, AUPE
Jane Proudlove, FARDC