Collective agreement, Bargaining and JIQ Process

CUPE 1445 Collective Agreement

Your collective agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities; if you have any concerns or questions, please talk to your Shop Steward or a member of the Executive.

CUPE 1445 Collective Bargaining Process
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Job Information Questionnaire
This document outlines the recommended process to follow when there are approved changes to job responsibilities. Normally, the process to revise a JIQ, including having all relevant signatures, should be completed within ninety business days of the request for review (Article 23.03).
Review of an Employee’s JIQ by the Employee and their Supervisor occurs:
• Annually (or at minimum bi-annually), as part of the performance evaluation process or
• If an Employee or Supervisor feels that the position has changed significantly or that the JIQ does not reflect current responsibilities. If the new duties have been assigned to the Employee beyond three months, then the JIQ should be revised to reflect these changes
• Ninety (90) business days is a reasonable time for an employee to take on new duties without JIQ revision
JIQ Appeal Process
Should the employee or their supervisor feel that not all of the relevant information was presented to the CUPE Classification Committee or the information presented has not received proper consideration in the classification decision, they may appeal to a Classification Appeal Committee.