Collective agreement, Bargaining and JIQ Process

CUPE 1445 Collective Agreement

Your collective agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities; if you have any concerns or questions, please talk to your Shop Steward or a member of the Executive.

CUPE 1445 Collective Bargaining Process
Click here to view CUPE 1445 Negotiations Committee process
Job Information Questionnaire
This document outlines the recommended process to follow when there are approved changes to job responsibilities. Normally, the process to revise a JIQ, including having all relevant signatures, should be completed within ninety business days of the request for review (Article 23.03).
Review of an Employee’s JIQ by the Employee and their Supervisor occurs:
• Annually (or at minimum bi-annually), as part of the performance evaluation process or
• If an Employee or Supervisor feels that the position has changed significantly or that the JIQ does not reflect current responsibilities. If the new duties have been assigned to the Employee beyond three months, then the JIQ should be revised to reflect these changes
• Ninety (90) business days is a reasonable time for an employee to take on new duties without JIQ revision
JIQ Appeal Process
Should the employee or their supervisor feel that not all of the relevant information was presented to the CUPE Classification Committee or the information presented has not received proper consideration in the classification decision, they may appeal to a Classification Appeal Committee.


If you have any questions about the attached Bylaws for 1445, please connect with your Executive and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have, CUPE Local 1445 Bylaws



I solemnly promise and declare

that I will support and obey

the Constitution of the Union;

that I will strive to improve economic and social conditions

for my fellow members and for working people generally;

that I will defend and strive to extend the democratic rights

and liberties of all working people;

that I will not purposely or knowingly

wrong, or assist others in wronging a member of the Union.


Welcome to your Benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Alberta Blue Cross - COVID-19

Alberta Blue Cross is committed to supporting us through this time of uncertainty. Their top priority is ensuring we receive uninterrupted access to our benefits and coverage.

Alberta Blue Cross offers three ways to manage your claim and benefit information – so you can access your benefits, your way. Choose from either the desktop site, mobile-friendly web site or the “Alberta Blue Cross My Benefits” app.

Sign in to the member services using your Alberta Blue Cross login ID and password. Not registered yet? Simply visit and click on the “Sign In” button, select “Plan Members”, and click the “Not Registered Yet” link where you can register for access to all the Alberta Blue Cross web services.

Travel Coverage Information

Let us know if you have any questions by contacting

Alberta Blue Cross - Dental and Extended Health Care

Phone 1.800.661.6995 if you have any questions regarding coverage or your claims.

Alberta Blue Cross Benefits Booklet

Coverage starts the first day of employment.
  • Permanent, Full-time
  • Permanent, Part-time - must be guaranteed at least 17.5 hours per week
  • Term-Certain - must be guaranteed at least six months of employment (910 hours)
Dental and Extended Health Care Rates
Dental Rates (July 1, 2020)
  • Family - $164.62 per month (employee pays $41.16, employer pays $123.46)
  • Single - $53.68 per month (employee pays $13.42, employer pays $40.26)

Extended Health Rates (July 1, 2020)

  • Family - $193.02 per month (employee pays $48.26, employer pays $144.76)
  • Single - $105.54 per month (employee pays $26.38, employer pays $79.16)
Plan Member Secure Site
The plan member secure site allows you to submit most of your claims online, view a summary of your completed benefit claims, find out the status of the claims you've recently sent,  check your benefits booklet, and more.
Direct Deposit for Claims Payment
Making changes to your bank account information, or arranging for Alberta Blue Cross to deposit claim payments into your account is simple. Register for direct deposit online through the plan member secure site.
Coordination of Benefits
When two or more benefit plans work together to provide you with maximum coverage, we refer to it as "Coordination of Benefits (COB)".

For details, please refer to the Coordination of Benefits brochure. It includes information about determining which plan pays first, how to submit a COB claim and describes some common situations participants may encounter with direct bill plans.

Blue Advantage
Blue Advantage is a program that allows plan members to save on medical, vision care and many other health-related products and services offered by participating providers across Canada. It lists many providers across Alberta that offer savings on everything from hearing aids, contact lenses and eyeglasses to laser surgery, medical devices, mobility equipment and fitness programs.

The program is unique because it provides you with savings at the point of sale on the total cost of products and services from participating providers, regardless of whether the item is covered under our health plan or not. To find savings, just visit the Blue Advantage website. Then to receive savings, simply present your Alberta Blue Cross ID card to the participating provider and mention the Blue Advantage program.

Alberta Blue Cross - Health Spending Account
$750.00/year (pro-rated based on date of hire)

Health Spending Account Information 

Health Spending Account Eligible Medical Expenses 

Health Spending Account Claim Form To apply for reimbursement of your health and dental plan rates, please use two forms: The Health Spending Account Claims form and the Health/Dental Plan Rate Reimbursement Form.

Health/Dental Plan Rate Reimbursement Form This form must be submitted along with a Health Spending Account Claims form. Please complete the employee information before sending it to Human Resources for completion of the employer information.

Alberta Blue Cross - Balance
Balance is a wellness program that rewards you for taking control of your health.

By using Balance to keep track of the small steps you take to achieve a healthier lifestyle, you earn points that you can redeem for a chance to win health rewards.

Sign into Balance via the Alberta Blue Cross member web site.

For more information about Balance, visit the frequently asked questions page.

Sun Life Financial - Life Insurance and Long Term Disability
Sun Life Financial is our benefit carrier for Long Term Disability and Life Insurance.

Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage starts the first day of work. Long Term Disability coverage starts after 12 months in a benefit eligible position.

Sun Life Insurance Beneficiary Nomination Form

Life Insurance Rates:

$0.188/$1,000.00 based on annual salary

  • 2x annual salary - employee pays 25%, employer pays 75%
  • 3x annual salary - employee pays 50%, employer pays 50%

Accidental Death and Dismemberment:

$0.015/$1,000.00 based on annual salary

  • 2x annual salary - employee pays 25%, employer pays 75%
  • 3x annual salary - employee pays 50%, employer pays 50%

Long Term Disability:

  • $2.228/$100.00 of salary, maximum benefit $8,000.00 per month