CUPE Awards Celebration – Vicki Mix and Grace Taylor award winners!!

CUPE Awards PowerPoint 2021

Vicki Mix Award

  • Vicki held a few different positions at RDC between 1988 and 2016, the last of which was Administrative Assistant in the Vice President – Academic Office.
  • She was a role model to many and will long be remembered for:
  • her relationships with fellow employees,
  • interpersonal skills and cooperation with others on campus,
  • her personal and professional growth, and
  • duties fulfilled in an outstanding fashion.

2021 winner: Anna King



Grace Taylor
patience, kindness, competence, understanding, humor

  • Grace was a Payroll Clerk at Red Deer College from 1977 – 1984
  • She was a dedicated employee who always gave 110% to her job.
  • She will long be remembered for her patience, kindness, competence, understanding and humor.

2021 winner: June Traptow!