Hello Members,

I trust you are all settling into what seems to be a busy Fall term, isn’t it GREAT; I personally have missed the buzz in the hallways and all the faces! It’s absolutely wonderful to be back on campus!


We have not signed our new agreement, we are waiting for the final draft, which was to include some minor housekeeping; I hope to see that come to you very soon and once I see the final I will send your way!


A brief update for you, below you will see messaging from our Nominations Committee, there are several vacancies available and I hope that we can fill them all. I can verify, when we don’t have participants from our local and active participation the work becomes cumbersome to a handful of people. Please check your life schedules and if you can spare some time, I encourage you to volunteer; your time is very appreciated! I would reach out to active members on Committee and Executive, this may be a helpful tool to inquire about time commitment and expectations of roles. You can also check out the Role Descriptions online.

Nomination Form 2022-23

CUPE 2022-2023 Executive and Committee Members VACANCIES

Dear CUPE Member,

Once a year the Nominating Committee helps to organize the nomination forms for upcoming October elections. Please see the attached document that shows a list of all positions and committees.

The elections will take place at our October General Meeting.

With the exception of positions that have designated terms (e.g. President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Shop Stewards, Trustees) all the committees are a one year term.

Your help is needed! As you can see from the attached list, there are vacancies on every committee. This is the time to step up and participate in the success of our CUPE management.

If you wish to join a committee, please send Pam Amendt and/or Mei-Lin Ward a nomination form by end of day on Monday, October 3rd.  A co-worker, Pam, or Mei-Lin may sign as “nominator”. Thank you to those who have already submitted their forms.

Once the nomination forms are submitted you are not required to be present at the general meeting to accept the committee or executive role – your form will be considered as acceptance. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor.

Please show up at the next General Meeting to vote and get involved!

Nominations Committee:

Thank you everyone – I wish you the best Fall term and see you in the hallways.

Trina, CUPE 1445 President