CUPE Campaign – Scrap the Curriculum

Jason Kenney’s new K-6 curriculum is a disaster. 

Have you seen it? Not only is it being panned by more than 90% (!!) of Alberta teachers, not a single school division in the province is willing to pilot it.

Parents are up in arms. Our province’s kids deserve so much more than a premier who wants to inject his ideological agenda into our school system.

This is why I’m asking you today for your help.

We need to scrap this curriculum

We have prepared a letter campaign that will take mere seconds to send a letter to your MLA, telling them to stand up to Jason Kenney and scrap the curriculum.


With much gratitude,

Rory Gill
President, CUPE Alberta

LifeWorks App Information

Whenever you are adding ‘apps’ to your smartphone or applications/programs on to any of your personal devices please be careful to read and understand the Terms and Conditions and what may or may not be tracked.   This is true from banking apps to health apps and brings us to the recent introduction of Lifeworks.

With the “New” LifeWorks app which is voluntary to use, we want to bring awareness to some details that may not be easily known.

The LifeWorks “app” terms and conditions may be viewed as intrusive, this includes but not limited to:

  • Tracking of website usage data and the ability to provide that information.
  • Wearable devices data, (FitBit, smart watches etcetera) may be used to provide information.
  • Asks for Financial info (like banking details), even though this is supposed to be free.

Extracted from Lifeworks Terms and Conditions.   Please read all of the terms and conditions carefully so you are aware and understand.

Biometric information:

Your weight, height, body mass index, waist circumference, cholesterol, lipoprotein, triglycerides, glucose and blood pressure readings, sleep patterns or other similar information provided by you or collected by your devices or wearables.

Health information:

The state of your physical and/or mental health which we receive in connection with your use of our services, through connected devices or through any health risk assessment you complete.

When Does Morneau Shepell Share Your Personal Information?
Morneau Shepell may share your personal information with:

  • Other Morneau Shepell entities in order to serve you, including for our internal management and administrative purposes.
  • Third‑party service providers who are required to keep your information confidential and secure and are restricted from using or disclosing information for reasons other than performing services on our behalf or to comply with legal requirements.
  • Third parties and partners in the event of a potential merger or acquisition, transfer of assets, reorganization or bankruptcy. These parties are also required to keep your information confidential and secure and are restricted in their use of information to this purpose.
  • Government, regulatory and law enforcement agencies to meet our compliance, regulatory, and risk management obligations or to comply with the law.
  • The general public and other users when you post or share comments, blog postings, testimonials, or other similar information on our technology platforms
  • Your sponsoring organization or health plan provider when you provide your express or implied consent or if we are required to do so by law.

International Transfers of Information
Morneau Shepell is a global organization with affiliates, partners and subcontractors located in many countries around the world. To provide our services to you, Morneau Shepell may exchange personal information across geographical borders with Morneau Shepell entities, affiliates or service providers in other countries working on our behalf in accordance with applicable law.

Examples of countries we transfer and exchange personal information with include, but are not limited to, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Storage of Your Information
Morneau Shepell may store your personal information in its databases located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or other countries. Some of our service providers may also store or access personal information from countries other than where you reside or receive services, and in those circumstances, are subject to the laws of that jurisdiction. Because of this, there may circumstances where other foreign governments, courts, law enforcement agencies or regulatory agencies are entitled to access the personal information collected and held by Morneau Shepell or our sub-contractors.

If you are visiting our website from a country other than Canada, your communication through our website or any of our services may result in the transfer of information across international boundaries. By using our website or any of our services, you consent to the collection, storage, and processing of your information in Canada and other countries (including the United States, the UK and Australia) in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

We want you to be informed.  Review the terms and understand them, before downloading!

Trina Carroll ~ Terry Oakley ~ Jane Proudlove


Congratulations to one of our valuable Executive members on her recent marriage,

Karina and her new forever love Shae!



Bargaining has been cancelled for today (May 11)  and temporarily delayed until we can find new dates with RDC. We will keep you posted when dates will resume.

Thank you.


Minister Announcement – Polytechnic

Joint Constituency Message:

Many of you will have watched the virtual meeting this morning where Minister Nicolaides announced that the role of RDC in Alberta’s vibrant post-secondary system will be as a Polytechnic Institution.

RDC has long lobbied (over 25 years) to become a university and today’s announcement, while it is exciting to think about our new future, will no doubt come as a disappointment for those who invested time and effort, and maintained hope that RDC would become a university.

Today we have been given a new direction and can focus on the work of becoming a polytechnic institution while we continue to provide the outstanding learning environment for students we are known for.

Regardless of our name or our institution designation, faculty and staff will continue to go above and beyond to support learners and provide learning experiences that bring students to our halls and support them in their chosen programs and careers.

Once again, thank you for all you do to support learners and each other through these times of change.

Trina Carroll, CUPE
Terry Oakley, AUPE
Jane Proudlove, FARDC


Check out upcoming Workshops:

May 2021:

May 14 – 6pm-9pm – Introduction to Stewarding – Part 1

Introduction to Stewarding – Part 1 (OLS) | Canadian Union of Public Employees (

May 15 – 9am – noon – Introduction to Stewarding – Part 2

Introduction to Stewarding – Part 2 (OLS) | Canadian Union of Public Employees (

May 15 – 9am – noon – Secretary-Treasurer Orientation –15 spots available

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June 2021:

June 4 – 6pm-9pm – Trustee Orientation – 15 spots available

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June 5 – 9am-noon – Secretary-Treasurer Orientation – 15 spots available

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June 11 – 9am-4pm – Introduction to Stewarding Part 1 and Part 2– 9am-4pm

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June 15 – 5:30pm – 8:30pm – LET – Virtual Membership Meetings

LET – Virtual Membership Meetings (OLS) | Canadian Union of Public Employees (

If you have any questions, please contact Matthew Lensen, Education Representative at 780-484-7644 or


During this time period, CUPE has developed a short term Letter of Understanding with Red Deer College supporting our members and encouraging a work from home scenario; please work with your Supervisors to engage options.

Many CUPE members have been impacted with temporary lay-offs due to reduced work caused by COVID 19. A Letter of Understanding with RDC and CUPE has been put in place because of the COVID pandemic.

If you have questions, please connect with Trina Carroll.